A variety of factors prevent infrastructure projects from applying for funding.

Many factors, such as the lack of fundraising roles, organizational structure and differences in communication, keep infrastructure projects from applying for, or receiving, funding. They vary according to the project type and funders need to understand these differences in order to counterbalance them.


  • Of the four different project types, only organizations are likely to have received substantial funding. FOSS projects need resources to apply for funding, and structure to manage a grant. Compared to other project types, organizations are better equipped to handle funding – which will often cement their structure.
  • Aside from the organization, FOSS project types tend not to have the resources to navigate lengthy application processes. This feeds into why they believe funders do not understand how they work.
  • Funding is usually framed in a way more easily applied to application layer projects. Infrastructure projects have to create hypothetical use-cases to fit the scope of a grant.
  • Funders work under a set of values that can be at odds with the values of the community.


“We have no policy on how we handle money.”

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